Independent mobile app for iOS and Android.

mccROSTER for Flight and Cabin Crew is an independent mobile calendar tool for professional airline pilots and flight attendants. mccROSTER retrieves your planned flight schedule straight from the airline web portal with a single tap.

All flights, ground duties and off-days are shown on the app built-in calendar view. A local HTML copy of the original roster is stored for off-line reference.

Your airline roster is stored in the mccROSTER app database and can also be exported to your Mac iOS / Android OS Calendar. mccROSTER shows your flight on Google Earth and finds your destinations straight on TripAdvisor, Wikipedia and Weather websites.

mccPILOTLOG is a logbook application on Windows PC and Mac OS, with mobile companion tools on iOS, Android, WinPhone, Blackberry and Kindle.  As such, mccPILOTLOG does import only Flights and Simulator records.  Export to OS Calendar through the mobile phone is therefore also limited to these events.

mccROSTER is a calendar app on iOS and Android.  This app connects straight to the airline crew webportal and retrieves ALL events, including ground duties, hotel overnights and weekend days, with full export to the OS Calendar.

Both apps work independent, there is no interaction or data exchange.  Purchasing mccPILOTLOG does not entitle you to a subscription on mccROSTER, or visa versa.

Update April 2016 : mccROSTER is rebranding into crewCONNECT. Read more on the website: www.crewCONNECT.aero

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Independent mobile app for iOS and Android.

mccCONVERT is a independent mobile app to convert units, calculate Mach/Airspeed, decode Snowtam and calculate Obstacle Climb Gradient.

  • decode Snowtam (MOTNE format)
  • calculate Fuel Uplift with Density, Endurance & Range
  • convert units for Fuel Flow, Distance, Weight, Fluid, Surface Area, and Speed, including Beaufort
  • convert units for Angles, including % Slope
  • convert units for Temperature, Air Pressure and Power, including Jet Engine Thrust
  • convert Mach-CAS-EAS-TAS based on TAT / SAT and Pressure Altitude
  • calculate the Wind Triangle based on W/V, GS / TAS, HDG / CRS, including Drift and Wind Component
  • calculate Runway Crosswind
  • calculate Obstacle Climb Gradient and required Rate of Climb
  • calculate Track Time


The app runs in English and many other languages, like Български (Bulgarian), Deutsch (German), Español (Spanish), Ελληνικά (Greek), Français (French), Italiano (Italian), Magyar (Hungarian), Nederlands (Dutch), Português (Portuguese), Română (Romanian), Русский (Russian),  Svenska (Swedish), Türkçe (Turkish)…  Help us translate the app in your language – Contact the Helpdesk !

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With more than 15,000 flight hours as captain on the Boeing 737 and the new Boeing 787, Captain Pat BOONE is launching a brand new system quiz app for these airplanes.  The Question Bank mobile app comes with 1,000 technical questions covering all FCOM systems, as well as FCTM, QRH, Performance and the Exterior Inspection.  Simply set-up your quiz profile in accordance with your company fleet (e.g. our fleet are B737-700 with winglets and carbon brakes) and the app will only display questions that meet the profile.

The Question Bank app is available for Boeing 737 (Classic, NG and Max), Boeing 787 and the Embraer E-170/190 series.

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Visit the following websites :    www.B737MRG.net  and  www.B787MRG.net

Download straight from your favorite app store :

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